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With all that I am or could hope to be,
My heart, if the world should end, would begin with you.

Your essence even when you are not there,
Rises above your people and I.

When every form of poetry failed to portray you,
I tried to search for flaws within you.

Yet the truth on your face, was clear and apparent,
With honour it was filled and nobility supreme.

Some though wishing to meet you, avoid doing so,
Fearing their actions will displease you.

So protective of your honour are you,
None would dare challenge this great strength.

You fear none but the Lord who rises above all,
God, who observes your every deed.

Time itself was unable to bring forth another mortal,
Who equals a being as illustrious as you.

The moment we knew you, you attracted envy,
Upon us, your people, who destiny gave you.

Intolerant you are, when injustice occurs,
Thus people fear you when this transpires.

As you are mortal, and no mortal is perfect,
Yet no person so near to perfection did come.

Defeat you have tasted, yet with your own compliance,
By those who, under your protection lied.

If angered or pleased, we could hardly tell,
In both states your sense of justice prevails.

Your torment you hide when we have wronged you,
We never sensed the burdens we gave you.

Impatient you are, may God bless your soul,
When an ungrateful wretch turns against you.

Oh how weary we become, trying to keep up with your steps,
You guide, encourage and strengthen us all.

Poverty is alarming to one as generous as you,
Oh you who, like rainfall never ceases to give.

When despite ourselves your laws we break,
Who would dare or have courage to approach your wrath?

We have many faults, but you remain pure,
We can't help but idolise you and follow every step.

When all routes of escape have ceased to exist,
Within you, the people found refuge from danger.

Despite all this, you remain a humble man,
Fulfilling all favours with a heart so vast.

How did the clouds dare to rise above you?
Yet the cloud is our neighbour, pardon its unintentional error.

Perhaps too ambitious and passionate you are,
Striving to fill the world with justice and integrity.

In goodness you encourage us all,
And God shall some day reward your goodness.

Admired you are by one and by all,
Alongside you, we walk in the righteous path.

So generous are you caring for those,
Who sought your protection in times of need.

An honest man, true and principled,
Our refuge from the harshness of dark days.

Your endeavours and plans you reveal to us all,
Following the teachings of our beloved prophet.

Mere words of praise you surpass,
All men even the wisest follow your guidance.

Others you serve with love and kindness,
Strengthening the youth to achieve their best.

You are unaware of the endless gifts you offer,
You give, yet no reward in return you expect.

Your wish is to share welfare among your people,
For that, to you, they are eternally grateful.

You have risen to the greatest heights,
News of you has spread everywhere.

Great loyalty and goodness you scatter on earth,
An arid land, made fertile with your earth bounty.

You always welcome the needy when they approach you,
With generosity, their needs, you alone can fulfil.

You have made your unforgettable mark on history
Zayed, your people and homeland offer love and gratitude.

Valiant and strong, you stand tall above the enemy,
They retreat in fear in the face of your cold wrath.

Your intentions are so upright and honest,
Your passion for justice extinguishes every fire.

By nature your kindness is endless,
Glory is a pinnacle, which is now yours.

People's worlds within their hearts,
But yours you have humbly placed in your pocket.

The Lord has improvised and gifted you with all,
He has raised your worth, and answered your prayers.

He greets you with joy on the feast in your home,
The one who praises you with all his wonder.

Hard times remain easy for you,
For hard times know you well and dare not approach.

I swear to you, and to Him who has brought you forth,
That you maintain glory within your grasp.

My uncle, my master... my life I hand to you,
Your homeland, with much pride, believes in you.

Your fatherhood and protection is more than I could ask,
Before you ask, I have already answered and obeyed.

All the Arabs, Sheikhs and great Kings,
Would be honoured to be just a little like you.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Zayed