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O Khalifa

O Khalifa,or if we speak of the rising skies,
Khalifa and the rising skies are but one.

O aspiration, you are the answer to all who hope,
The shield that protects us from ominous days.

When times are astray, his sword protects us,
The master of this world, with this sword would slay.

For you we would sacrifice, with our soul and blood,
And loyal hearts that remain eternally faithful.

Our desires we obtained, with you, our glorious dream,
One need only ask, to fulfill one's dreams.

The flags of glory only flutter in our sky,
When raised by your honorable and noble right hand.

A true leader you are, none like you we have ever seen,
Except for your father, whose aspirations you follow.

Heir to his strength, you quench one's thirst,
An honorable being and admirable soul.

The story of your life is comparable to precious gold,
Which has been eternally praised throughout all time.

Dripping with fragrant scents when the time has come,
Swelling with abundant water that rains with your name.

The day you ruled, all burdens have perished,
All our worries diminished, they visit us no more.

Under your reign, all good has flourished,
Whilst the bad bend and bleed in utter pain.

Those who are in need exist only in the past,
Except for the deprived and least fortunate beings.

Your return in good health has pleased us all,
With God's wish the aching passed with utter ease.

Your presence relieved all of your people,
As celebration and ecstasy brightened up their land.

Twice, this year, we shall celebrate with two "Eids",
The best of both celebrations shall be called "Khalifa".
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - O Khalifa