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I, with My Eye, Chose Her

I, with my eye, chose her,
And my wound is indeed by her self.

Of highly esteemed ancestry,
And resides in her Emirates.

With sea of yearning I met her,
Deep, with towering waves.

As a fawn, in its pasture,
A deer amongst deer.

As it happens, I wished for her,
For even a moment, her to meet.

My heart raced, though I did not see her,
Dangerous, if ever increased.

To the cadence of her voice,
Gentle, her speech.

Pierced me, the day I met her,
On a bright day we met.

Her large eyes, I discovered her,
Flowers are her cheeks.

In my eyelid, her I concealed,
Throughout my soul she spreads.

For her eyes I indulged her,
Sign of love is indulgence.

She is the one I chose,
And she satisfies all her desires.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - I, with My Eye, Chose Her