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Articles about His Highness - 17 June, 2014

Mohammed’s Brain Regain translated into 16 languages, published in 49 countries

The Article titled “Brain Regain”, written by UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has attracted massive media attention worldwide. During one week from its publication on the 9th of June, the article is translated into 16 languages and published in 59 newspapers in 49 different countries.

The article tackled a global concern related to the migration of millions of brains and competencies. His Highness explained that there are crucial changes in the pattern and trends of brain immigration. He drove his argument from survey conducted recently positioning UAE on top of the world’s most attractive brains’ magnets.

Sheikh Mohammed started his article by recalling an incident he went through while studying at the Mons Officer Cadet School in the United Kingdom. He stated that the harsh economic and political circumstances forced the best Arabian brains to migrate looking for better opportunities and better life.

Sheikh Mohammed’s “Brain Regain” was published in 12 European countries, 15 Asian, USA, Brazil and Argentina in addition to many Arabian and African countries.

Sheikh Mohammed noted that this phenomenon has started to take a different route. He said that talented people who used to move to developed countries are now drawn to the developing countries where the economy is flourishing such as the UAE that has accomplished higher ranks on international scales, providing the opportunities sought and an environment favorable for skilled professionals, even hailing from developed countries, to utilize their talents.

He also noted that attracting talented and skilled professionals depends on a country’s ability to create an environment for economic growth so as to make life easy for enterprise.

Concluding his article, Sheikh Mohammed asserted that the future is bringing major changes and new trends in this aspect and these changes reflect the nature of competitiveness between nations. He affirmed that smart nations are the nations that believe in humanity and the real future capital is the human capital.

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