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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Noor Dubai Foundation launches first population

Noor Dubai Foundation in partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Dubai Statistics Centre 16 December 2019

Noor Dubai Foundation launches first population

Noor Dubai Foundation in partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Dubai Statistics Centre announced the launch of the Dubai Eye Health Survey on Monday at the DHA headquarters in Dubai.

The survey aims to gather population-based data regarding visual impairment in Dubai to learn about the magnitude and causes of eye impairment in the city and plan preventive strategies accordingly.

The survey is targeting 2,190 persons who are 40 years and older, out of which 664 are Emiratis and 727 are expatriates.  

The survey will be implemented starting December 2019, by Noor Dubai Foundation, in partnership with the DHA, the Dubai Statistics Centre in addition to Medcare Hospital and Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

Four MoU’s were signed by Noor Dubai Foundation and each of the stakeholders including the Dubai Statistic Center, Medcare Hospital, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai and Rivoli (which will be providing 500 free glasses and gift vouchers for the survey participants).

Commenting on the launch of the survey, His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA and Chairman of the Noor Dubai Foundation said that Noor Dubai Foundation constantly strives to implement preventive and treatment plans and programmes to fight all types of visual impairment worldwide.

He added that the foundation has benefited 27 million people around the world who are suffering from preventable forms of blindness since its inception in 2008.

Al Qutami also pointed out that the authority supports this survey directly, as part of its strategic goals for disease prevention in all health fields including eye diseases.

“This information is crucial for the strategic development of eye healthcare in Dubai as it will be used to assess the general condition of eye health in the emirate.  It will also provide relevant information needed to plan future projects that will affect the local economy,” said Dr Manal Taryam, CEO of Noor Dubai foundation and CEO of DHA’s Primary Healthcare Sector.

Dr Taryam stressed the importance of having a population-based survey because currently the only data available is hospital-based, which is not representative of the whole population.

Dr Taryam added that Noor Dubai Foundation also organized a three-day training for the nurses, optometrists and opthalmologists involved from the DHA and Medcare Eye Centre and Al Zahra Hospital Dubai in November to prepare them for collecting the data for the survey. The Centre of Eye Research Australia will provide full data analysis and publication of research papers in international medical journals.

Data will be collected from within four DHA Primary Healthcare Centers that have an ophthalmology clinic: Nad AlHamar, AlTowar, AlMizhar, AlMankhoul and two private entities including: Al Zahra Hospital Dubai and Medcare Eye Center.

“The comprehensive eye screening will also include a blood test, measuring eye pressure and taking pictures of the retina as high eye pressure and diabetes are the leading causes of eye problems in the UAE and we want to know the causes of visual diseases and impairments in Dubai. The data will help us draft a strategy for the prevention of blindness in the emirate of Dubai, it will also help regulators to plan the future expansion of eye care services delivery and rehabilitation,” concluded Dr Manal.

Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of the Dubai Statistic Center on the other hand said the survey, which is considered the first of its kind will be implemented jointly under as part of the center’s framework in supporting strategic sectors and government institutions.

The centre’s role in this partnership is performing the technical statistical operations such as designing and drawing the statistical sample, preparing a statistical software and operating the statistical contact center in addition to extracting results and indicators.

Al Janahi praised Noor Dubai Foundation and the DHA’s support during the preparatory stages, stressing that the center fully appreciates the importance of this survey and its strategic implications for plans and policies related to eye health, which affects the quality of life of community members.